Our Services

Agrippa has skilled and authorised professionals providing good returns on your IT investment.

Our consultants have extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of programmes adapted for the customer providing a solid interface between systems.
  • Agrippa’s own programmes adapted for the customer and an interface to the customers ERP systems.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics: Collecting, structuring and analysis of large amounts of data.
  • Project management at commissioning time and training the operators of large warehouses.
  • Excellent expertise in automated warehouses from Witron and Swisslogg.
  • Excellent expertise in GS1 standards, including GS1-128 and GDSN.

We use and have a solid expertise in these technologies:

We use the following development framework and technologies:

Agrippa Solutions supports the following ISO-standards:

  • ISO 22000. Standard for food safety.

We have capable consultants with long experience, able to assist in the short and long term. Contact us for a pleasant chat!

Christian Svendsen
Partner / CTO


(+47) 982 04 848