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Agrippa TempControl

Automatic temperature monitoring and warning!

We deliver automatic temperature monitoring adapted to your needs. The solution is built on our own IOT and ensures 24/7 monitoring of temperature sensitive areas, with warnings via SMS and e-mail, including access to temperature data.

  • Safe
  • Time saving
  • Easy

We are specialists in temperature monitoring in both shops and restaurants. TempControl is a completely new solution for temperature monitoring and provides automatic monitoring of the temperature and humidity in cabinets for chilled or frozen food, freezer rooms and wine cabinets. Any out-of-range data registered is notified via SMS and E-mail to the responsible person. Our system is energy saving, reduces food wast and reduces costs related to manual measurements in accordance with IK food regulations.

  • Wireless sensors with a life time of up to 10 years!
  • Discrete alarm
  • Access to real-time temperature from mobile/pc
  • Complete log of temperatures
  • Automatic non-conformance reports
Agrippa TempControl

Tempcontrol – Embedded

In addition to the wireless sensors, we also have a solution for reading the temperature log directly from a single cooling/freezing unit. Our own temperature computer can be supplied with a dedicated network-card or implemented into the existing customer network, and simply plugged into the unit you wish to monitor. This will provide continuous monitoring, in the same way as the wireless sensors, with warnings and a full log of temperatures.

We have long experience of interfacing the temperature computer with regulators from amongst others: Carel.

Tempcontrol – BLE (Bluetooth)

We also have wireless sensors built on leading Bluetooth technology. The advantage of having this type of sensor is that you can read the temperature directly from your mobile, without going via a network or a server service.

Bluetooth sensors are well suited for documenting temperatures during transport, it is also quick and easy to collect the electronic temperature receipts at the delivery point.