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Agrippa Quality

Document the quality of products and dispatches using photo and video!

An increasing number of customers use photo/video to document the condition of a dispatch of goods, or the quality of a finished product. This is a good method to ensure the quality of own production, and ensure that customers don´t receive damaged goods. All you need is a camera and a memory card, and you can store pictures and videos for ever.

Over time, it may be difficult to keep an overview of all the files stored on a pc, that is constantly growing. A lot of time that can be saved in  the process of downloading pictures to the pc from the memory card, and then storing these in the right structure with the right reference.

In Agrippa Quality you get
an “all in one” solution!

The application supports photo/video and connects the documentation with the order number or other reference number you use for your dispatches. Using a picture and a few words from the mobile unit, the documented quality is stored on the transaction forever. The app also supports using barcodes or QR-code, in order to avoid manual errors when reading the reference.

We also have support for sensor technology and can by using a photocell or other trigger mechanism, allow the system to complete the whole job of taking the photograph and connecting it to the right dispatch.

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