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Agrippa Procedures

Descriptions of routines, disaster recovery plans and check-lists for mobile units!

Are you fed up with paper-based lists and plans everywhere, including lists that are never updated? In an up-to-date work place  routines, disaster recovery plans and check-lists are updated regularly from one central innstance. Using Agrippa Procedures you always have up-to-date data accessible for all the employees when these are really needed. The solution gives the ability to update plans for many locations from one central location, without having to distribute and check new paper issues.

  • The telephone as the base work area
  • Contemporary and accessible data
  • Accessible off-line and on-line
  • Centralised updates, de-centralised use
  • An end to paper based lists and routines
  • Up-to-date information accessible – always
Agrippa Procedures