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Agrippa Improvements

a complete system for continuous, cost-effective improvement and claims!

Agrippa Improvements assists storage and logistics managers with continuous improvements to the whole of the warehouse. The solution contributes to systematic improvement work and has a logical reporting module covering:

  • Goods reception
    • Goods & packaging
    • Load carriers
    • Suppliers
    • Claims
  • Production
    • Trucks
    • Building & technical infrastructure
    • HSE
  • Loading
    • Access control
    • Stacking faults
    • Collisions
  • Software
    • Bugs
    • Development
Agrippa Improvements

A digital suggestion box – easy to use

We tend to forget. >More than 50% of the suggestions for improvement in a company are lost before they get to the person responsible for the operation of the warehouse. Some people don´t like to write long suggestions, meaning the suggestions for improvements are often misunderstood and are therefore not actioned.

Non-conformance reports and suggestions for improvements are often associated with extra work. You need to leave your workplace to find the right form and then submit the same paper-based form to the right manager.

A mobile solution like Improvements is much better. Let the employees report incidents on the fly, as they don´t have to go anywhere to do the reporting ! You receive all the incidents, not just the ones they take time to  report, or the ones they remember to mention during a general meeting.

Let the system take care of the distribution, and make sure the various reports and suggestions end up at the right person´s desk – quickly and with high quality. Agrippa Improvements is a Total Quality Manager that works.

Agrippa Improvements supports the GS1-system for identification of goods information. The solution makes it possible to retrieve additional information from the bar-code, assuring better control and management of the goods in the value chain. Matrix scanning of GS1-128 barcodes with the mobile unit retrieves all information provided in the barcode without the use of expensive warehouse terminals.

Why Agrippa Improvements

    • Quick and easy reporting of incidents and claims – when and where they are discovered
    • Making the operation of your warehouse more efficient
    • Always works – does not require internet access
    • Runs on anything – smart phone, tablet and PC
    • Can be run as pure cloud solution or be integrated in the company’s ERP systems
    • Supports the use of the GS1-system for identification of goods information