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Nordic Choice Hotels use Agrippa TempControl

Agrippa TempControl currently assists more than 15 chefs in Nordic Choice Hotels with the automatic monitoring of temperatures in chilled and frozen goods. By keeping the right temperature in chilling and freezing units, and documenting these efficiently, the hotels ensure that the food they serve is of a high quality.

By warning the chef via SMS/e-mail when the temperature is outside given valuesAgrippa TempControl has saved several cold stores. When a cold store stops working or a door has not been closed properly, the consequences for the quality of the food are considerable.

In partnership with NOKAS-Pest control we have also developed and supplied a mobile application for routines in the kitchen. A complete food safety agreement including check lists, temperature monitoring, audits and hygiene tests. The electronic IC-Food solution is being supplied on an ongoing basis to the Nordic Choice Hotels.

Nordic Choice Hotels is made up of three chains including 16 independent hotels. We have chosen diversity so that you, our guest, may select a hotel experience that is the best fit for your needs, your preferences and your wallet. The chain consists of a total of 187 hotels in 5 countries and had 9.7 million guests in 2015.