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Lexit launches a new app using Agrippa technology

Lexit launches a new app using Agrippa Tempcontrol and increases food safety in Bama’s new salad bars.

The Lexit Group has, together with Agrippa Solutions, delivered a new app and a system to increase food safety in four of Bama’s new salad bars. Rema 1000 in Torggata in Oslo was the first shop to take the system into use.  “After a period of three days the turnover of salads increased considerably”, says the supplier’s software sales manager Mikael Thorsgaard.

The system, delivered by the Lexit Group, ensures fresh salad for the consumers, keeps control of use by dates, storage time in the counter and temperature. “In order to prevent non-conformance of these points, we notify the employees of the shop in advance via e-mail and mobile, for them to take action to ensure the contents of the salad bar is always fresh for the consumer”, says Thorsgaard. He also adds that a new app is under development for the employees of shops, which will warn employees about non-conformance in temperature, cleaning and maintenance. ­This version will be launched at the end of March/ early April for Android and iOS.

The roll-out of the system is set to continue at a great pace in the immediate future, adds Thorsgaard. “The salad bar at Rema 1000 is equipped with a touch screen from Firich Enterprises Ltd. (FEC). and a 2D scanner from Zebra, both supplied by the Lexit Group. The screen is an administration tool for the employees of the shop, but can also be used as an information screen by the consumers. Information is available on the nutritional content and allergens of the products, including information about the contents of selected salads,” says Thorsgaard. He goes on to say that the partner; Agrippa Solutions has supplied the equipment and system for logging the temperature in the salad bar. “The system is integrated with our solutions, which are run in the cloud service; Lexit Cloud.”

The picture at the top of the article shows Tom Egil Klausen, purchasing director at Bama Industri AS together with Mikael Thorsgaard of the Lexit Group AS.

The article has been obtained from: http://www.lexit.no/aktuelt/ny-lexit-app-oker-matsikkerheten-i-bamas-nye-salatbarer