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Mobile solutions for deviation handling and claims


Agrippa Solutions AS has developed tailor-made lean-applications for continuous improvement work. Our solution, Agrippa Improvement,  is easy to use, and one of the world’s most advanced, configurable systems in this segment. All products can be run as pure cloud solutions or be integrated in the company’s ERP systems.

Our solutions make the operation of large warehouses more efficient, we contribute to reduced food waste in hotels and we update vital procedures at shopping centres.

We develop customised software, making a solid interface to your systems.
Business Intelligence is of our other business areas.  Agrippa Solutions has great knowledge know about collection, structure and analysis of large amounts of data.

We make use of a large range of technologies to solve the customer’s challenges and have solid expertise in GS1-standards.


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Courses and training
Agrippa Solutions has long experience in managing the commissioning of large new warehouses. We take the warehouse operators back to school, and they are able to work in a plant in full operation, prior to working in their own warehouse. We have comprehensive knowledge of automated warehouses from Witron and Swisslogg.

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Agrippa´s goal is to provide you with a more efficient place to work and more knowledge about how you work. This is why we have made some of the world’s most sophisticated solutions. They are easy to use – and best of all: They work!

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A complete system for continual improvement and claims handling!

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Description of routines, disaster recovery plans and check-lists for mobile units!

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Automatic temperature monitoring and effective warnings!

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We have reduced warranty period on damaged goods considerably, as the suppliers are now getting well-documented exception reports they can not argue on!